T4 - DCG CAD Computers for Post-Primary Schools

Following a recent Tender process for DCG/CAD computers new models of both Mini-Tower computers and Laptops will soon be available to be purchased by schools or ETBs.  The evaluation team included a number of DCG and Solidworks expert teachers, technology specialists, the SEC, and the Inspectorate. Contracts have be signed and it will be possible shortly to order from the 2 successful companies, who are:
-          Datapac (with HP) are the company that won the tender to supply the Mini-Tower PCs.
-          Capita (with Dell) are the company that won the tender to supply the Laptops/Notebooks.

-          Mini-Tower Cost: €956.75 (Including 21.5 Inch monitor, and including VAT).
-          Laptop Cost: €1,177.32 (Including VAT).

Funding the purchase of DCG Computers:
Firstly there is no 'DCG-specific ICT Grant'. All ICT Grant school funding (except new school builds) is made available via annual ICT Grants.

Timing of ICT Grant: The current DES plan is to pay annual ICT Grants to Post Primary schools and ETBs by Monday 11th May 2020, at the latest. 

Estimate of ICT Grant amount per school:
The initial ICT Grant payment in 2019 was €45Million, while €5Million had to be applied for.
The initial ICT Grant payment in 2020 will be €40Million, while €10Million had to be applied for.
So this year (2020) eligible schools can expect to receive 88% of what they received in 2019.

Forecast your DCG/CAD computer requirements: 
In order to forecast the number of new Mini-Tower computers and Laptops that schools require to place orders in this first order batch, PDST are asking schools &/or ETBs to forecast the number they plan to order. We'll then send this combined forecast to the two successful companies so that they can manufacture the units in Asia, and deliver them to schools in Ireland as soon as possible. Your forecast is needed as soon as possible, but by Friday 3rd April latest.

Schools should only forecast the number of units that it plans to order based on having funds available to purchase. If a school or ETB will not have funds available (including ICT Grant funds received in early May) then it should not complete this form, as this will cause the forecast to be incorrect. 

We’re working with both companies and with Solidworks and PDST colleagues to finalise the configuration & manufacturing build image (including Solidworks). We’re also trying to simplify the order process, so to ensure that units can be manufactured and delivered to schools/ETBs as soon as possible.

Given that the COVID-19 situation is causing delays to global manufacturing and delivery to Europe, it is critical that we provide a forecast that is as accurate as possible to the two companies, so that they can run a large enough production run to supply schools DCGs forecasted volumes efficiently. To facilitate this process there is an "DCG forecasting tool" below this message, which needs to be completed by each school (or ETB on their behalf) that wants to order DCG units.

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Coronavirus - (Covid-19 Pandemic)

Note: All face-to-face CPD events scheduled between now and March 29 are postponed. We will continue to post updates as events evolve. As always the PDST t4 team are available and happy to assist teachers of the t4 subjects. You may contact us via the following emails:

Stay safe and If at all concerned about your health, contact your GP or the HSE helpline on 1850 24 1850.


T4 - DCG CAD Computers for Post-Primary Schools

PDST Technology in Education are currently finalising the outcome of a recent tender process for PCs and Notebooks to run SolidWorks for DCG in Post Primary schools. When purchased from approved suppliers Solidworks software will already be installed on computers. More details are expected to available in the coming weeks after contracts have been finalised. If you would like to receive an email when further details are available, including computer specifications and the approved suppliers, please email

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PDST School Based Support for T4 Subjects

The PDST-T4 team are available to provide school-based support to teachers of Construction Studies, DCG, Engineering and Technology throughout 2019-2020. This support focuses on developing teaching, learning and assessment practices in the T4 subjects. Our advisors can support your school through a single, half-day school visit or through PDST’s new sustained support model.  It is advised to book early as in the case where we are oversubscribed, allocation will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


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A Guide to the Student Assignment

The booklet offers guidance to teachers and students on possible approaches to successfully complete the DCG Student Assignment.

Updated copy of booklet is now available to view, download or purchase.

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Construction Studies - Exploring Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Students of Construction Studies enjoy a rich & varied learning environment through the various activities that they engage with over a two year course of study. This booklet looks at the three parts of the syllabus and the three examination components.

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Completing the Engineering Project

These booklets offer guidance to both teachers & students on possible approaches to successfully completing the Engineering - Technology Project / Manufacture/Design.

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Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA)

Teachers and students can now complete the Certified SolidWorks Associate examinations for free in schools. Schools must initially register as test providers at to commence the process. There is a huge library of resource available on which will guide you through the CSWA.

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Updrading from Win 7

The PDST Technology in Education have a short guideline available on upgrading computers from Win 7 to a supported Operating System, (Win 10 or Chrome OS).


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Intermediate SolidWorks

Workshop booklet covering some of the intermediate level sketching tools and features available in SolidWorks 2017 while working through the modeling of parts for a Spatula.


Advanced SolidWorks

Resource notes from PDST 2017 Advanced SolidWorks CPD Workshop.


DCG Coursework

State Examination Commission (SEC) respond to queries regarding DCG Coursework Examination. .


CAD Computer Specifications

Details of the Computer specifications for CAD Computers available through the DES 2015 hardware grant for schools for use in DCG can be found under the CAD & SolidWorks link on the left of the screen.


Updated Room Layouts

Updated Room Layouts for Post Primary Schools are currently available in both CAD and PDF format from the DES website.


ICT for teaching & Learning

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