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Minister for Education Mary Hanafin launches new Technology Subjects Support Service - t4.    


In her address at the launch of t4 in the Clock Tower in Marlborough Street the Minister announced that schools will get 25 million in grant aid to purchase new equipment.  She stated that this funding will be hugely significant as it will allow students to have their own individual computer and they won't have to be sharing it with the student beside them.  With the additional funding school can get printers, digital scanners, PC's and whatever is needed.

The Minister continued, "I am equally satisfied that with new curriculum we are going to get more students wanting to do these subjects particularly now when they can see the follow-on from Junior Cert to Leaving Cert, it is going to create demands from other schools and other from other teachers which is why the support service is going to be increasingly important for all of those teachers."

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Schools set to get €25million to purchase new equipment

  • A targeted grant will be provided to schools offering Design and Communication Graphics, varying from €13,000 to €43,000. The amount per school will be dependent on the number of students having taken Technical Drawing in the Leaving Certificate Examination, (averaged over the three years 2003 to 2006).
  • This funding provides for a major ICT initiative across the subjects. It will allow cutting edge hardware such as PCs Laptops, printers, scanners, digital cameras and data projectors to be integrated into daily teaching and learning.
  • t4 will develop a selection of models on funding use. These will illustrate how resources may best be targeted for the benefit of students and teachers and will be available on the t4 website which she launched.
  • Schools which have been sanctioned to commence the new subject Technology will receive a grant of €40,000 each.
  • The Minister stated that she was especially pleased that the funding provided includes €13m for Materials Technology (Wood)/Architectural Technology (Construction Studies). This money will be used to bring equipment in these rooms up to the highest standards under Health and Safety requirements.
  • The Department will contact the schools before Christmas with details of their funding allocation. Advice on the deployment of this funding will be given by a circular letter which will issue to schools shortly. Subject department planning within each school is vital for the deployment of resources purchased with this funding.
  • Access to this hardware will facilitate methodologies previously not dreamed of, for example the introduction of 3D parametric CAD allows students and teachers to design and communicate using the tools previously available only to the space industry, aircraft designers and industrial engineers.
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