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Key Ring
Helping hand
Tablet Support
Paddle Boat
Sweet Dispenser


XO Game
Earphone Holder
Post-It Holder
F1 Car
Design Brief
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Each Activity Sheet includes elements of :

  • Setting goals and learning objectives.
  • Practical project work.
  • Working drawings in 2D and 3D format coupled with Bill of Materials.
  • Associated theoretical content.
  • Design activities.
  • Cross curricular links.
  • Literacy and Numeracy based activities.
  • A logical sequence toward completion.
  • Critical reflection

Two Stars & a Wish. ....
Each activity sheet concludes with a final activity termed Two Stars and a Wish. This is an opportunity for the student to carry out a short critical reflection of their work.

Two Stars: two skills that the student has improved from working through the activities.

A Wish: one area that the student feels they need to work towards improving.



  Details of Activity Sheets. ....

Timetable Key Ring - A project that is both useful and practical. With the guidance of their teacher, students fill in their timetable for the year and insert it between a piece of acrylic to make a simple key ring. Not alone will the key ring help student to keep tract of their locker keys, but it will also remind them of which class they should proceed to next. A sample template is available by clicking on the following link. Just amend the design to suit your own school details. Students could be encouraged to design a message for the reverse side, or promote your subject with a message such as "I love Metalwork"

Arrow Timetable Template ..Arrow

Door Nameplate - A simple nameplate that could be used for a bedroom door which includes a good level of design so as to enable students to create their own unique nameplates. This is a 2 page Activity Sheet and the main focus is on developing the students design and I.T. skills.

Helping Hand Key Tidy - This is a sheet metal exercise where the key holder is manufactured to the shape of the students hand with the fingers bent to various angles to keep household and car keys tidy. The project also includes a flat surface to safely store items like wallets, small notebooks etc.

Adjustable Tablet Support- This project is mainly manufactured from acrylic will support an iPad or tablet device as it can be adjusted to accommodate different machines. It includes some work on the lathe and cutting internal screw threads. The students are also encouraged to come up with their own design for the backplate.

Mississippi Paddle Boat- A nice model made from wood & acrylic. A tensioned rubber band is used to provide power to move the model forward in the water. Adhesive are used as a method of joining materials in this project.

Sweet Dispenser - A novel project that dispenses a controlled amount of sweets. An understanding of circles in contact and tangency
will be needed to mark out some of the parts. This activity will focus on mechanisms and a design element is also included.

Bookmark - An activity sheet which may be employed as part of a taster program or as an introduction to the subject. This worksheet focuses on workshop safety, material properties and uses, extracting information from a drawing and basic design.

XO Game - This activity sheet serves as an introduction to working with plastic, the pillar drill and the use of geometric shapes in project design. Material properties are further explored along with design and sketching skills.

Earphones Holder - This activity sheet explores the basic bench tools, extraction of information from working drawings as well as detailing of steps required to complete tasks.

Post-it Holder - The student is introduced to more complex geometric constructions, bill of materials and modern inventors through this activity sheet.

F1 Car: This is a multi-component activity and aims to enhance skills which have been developed from the completion of previous activities coupled with the introduction of new skills. The construction of angles is investigated along with an introduction to the lathe and further developments in the area of material folding. Basic circuitry along with tapping and screwing are also introduced.

Design & Manufacture - This activity introduces a step by step approach to design. Concepts such as analysis, investigation, image boards, sketching, joining methods and finishing techniques are explored.

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