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  • Modern Types of Adhesives
  • A range of CAD/CAM projects from
  • US site of electronic components & stepper motors
  • CAD/CAM & CNC systems and procedures explained.
  • UK's leading provider of educational wall charts. a range of titles for several subjects.
  • Some engineering based resources for teachers and STEM ambassadors from the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with STEMNET .
  • Famoue Historical Enginners & what is engineering & engineers, etc.
  • Notes and information on Composite Materials
  • Create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, and crosswords.
  • An insight into the process of making something that works.
  • Professional Development Service for Teachers
  • Examples of Pneumatic Symbols - Westgroup
  • Software to create crosswords, word searches, etc.
  • Notes, animations, charts and videos on Iron and Steel.
  • Examples of bad designs according to Michael J. Darnell.
  • Resource material & learning for the 14-19 engineering diploma
  • The digital library provides teacher-tested, standards-based engineering content for K-12 teachers
  • Middlesex University Teaching Resources.
  • Design Challenge Curriculum.
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CAD Computer Specifications

Details of the Computer specifications for CAD Computers available through the DES 2015 hardware grant for schools for use in DCG can be found under the CAD & SolidWorks link on the left of the screen.


Updated Room Layouts

Updated Room Layouts for Post Primary Schools are currently available in both CAD and PDF format from the DES website.


New JC & LC Technology Books

Golden Key Publishers, who published “Technology for Leaving Certificate” in 2015 have informed us that “Technology for Junior Certificate” by Paul Enright will be available in August 2016 .


ICT for teaching & Learning

Example of a flipped learning approach in a Tech Graphics class.