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Safety and Health in the Technology Classroom for Teachers 
A free Internet course of 2 - 3hrs duration has been built specifically as an aid to teachers of the technology subjects to help them in their understanding of safety, health and welfare, particularly within the technology classroom. This resource was initiated by the Health and Safety Authority and supported by T4. The on-line course was developed by Alison and is available at  A class group can be set up to monitor student learning using an Alison Manager virtual classroom.  A record of learning can also be obtained on completion of the course.

Other Safety and Health courses available include:
Arrow .Managing Safety and Health in Schools
Arrow .Safety and Health for Teachers of Science Subjects
Arrow .Get Safe - Work Safe: Workplace Safety and Health for Senior Cycle students

For more information on health and safety initiatives for the Education sector please visit the HSA website at


Health and Safety resources for the technology classroom

A range of Health and Safety resources designed specifically for the technology subjects have been developed by T4 and distributed to schools  These resources should assist teachers of technology subjects, Materials Technology Wood/Construction Studies, Metalwork/Engineering, Technology and Technical Graphics/Design and Communication Graphics in ensuring that students are exposed to the key concepts and terminology underpinning a contemporary understanding of health and safety.

Safety Concepts
Arrow .Safety Concepts for Technology Subjects (Powerpoint)
Arrow .Safety Concepts Teacher Booklet (pdf)
Arrow .Safety Concepts Student Booklet (pdf)

Safety Signage
Arrow .Safety Signage Teacher Booklet (pdf)
Arrow .Safety Signs (pdf)
Arrow .Safety Sign Planner (pdf)

Safety Posters
Arrow .Safety Posters (pdf)

Other Resources

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CAD Computer Specifications

Details of the Computer specifications for CAD Computers available through the DES 2015 hardware grant for schools for use in DCG can be found under the CAD & SolidWorks link on the left of the screen.


Updated Room Layouts

Updated Room Layouts for Post Primary Schools are currently available in both CAD and PDF format from the DES website.


New JC & LC Technology Books

Golden Key Publishers, who published “Technology for Leaving Certificate” in 2015 have informed us that “Technology for Junior Certificate” by Paul Enright will be available in August 2016 .


ICT for teaching & Learning

Example of a flipped learning approach in a Tech Graphics class.